Upcoming Volunteer Needs


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. ~Henry Ford

Community involvement is one of the foundational stones in Waldorf education. As our school verse says: “That as many hands build a house, So many hearts build a school.” — we are in need of your hands and your heart! There is much work to be done but no one said it couldn’t be fun! Below is a list of volunteer needs which need to be filled on a weekly, monthly basis. As festivals and events come up we will also be posting those needs here. Parent Council is a great resource for giving direction if you have any questions.

Weekly Kitchen Clean-up: Get with a Parent Council member to sign up by class week.

Faculty Meals: Get with a Parent Council member to sign up by class week.

Parent Paparazzi: Our amazing school photographer Dorothy Freudenberg is not always available for all school events. We are looking for those candid shots taken at events, or on field trips, or of your child’s artwork…Photos you would love to share for use on our website, newsletters, and other media sources.
Please note: during assembly performances and school performances sometimes the teachers ask that photos be taken after as not to distract/disturb the students. Photos can be sent to ehansen@nullbendwaldorf.com

Our volunteer categories include but are not limited to:

  • Parent Council – Enriches the lives of parent community through education, outings, lectures, parenting issue discussion groups and other social events, volunteer coordination, meets weekly.
  • Annual Auction Committee – Plans and coordinates one of largest fundraisers for the school.
  • Hospitality – Supports administration and faculty by providing refreshments/food for open houses and other school related events.
  • Marketing and Outreach – assists school’s enrollment efforts by strategizing new marketing and outreach ideas, attending outreach.
  • Buildings and Grounds – coordinates and assists building repairs and projects, lawn care, gardening, and enhancement.
  • Classroom Volunteer – assists in the classroom with various projects as requested by teacher.
  • Parent Welcome – coordinates new family welcome events, matches new parents to a “buddy” family to assist transition to our school.
  • Board of Directors – stewards of the school’s financial and legal obligations, strategic vision of School’s future goals and needs.
  • The 4 Gnomes Store – organizes and assists with inventory, merchandising, ordering, sales, and special fundraisers
  • Festivals – supports faculty in organizing various festivals, including Michaelmas, Autumn Journey, Spiral of Lights, and May Faire.
  • Development – strategic planning of school’s fundraising activities, including Annual Fund, soliciting corporate giving and nonprofit grants.

Can you offer any of the following expertise?

Grant Writing, Legal, Marketing/Sales, Software, website or general computer, Bookkeeping, Financial Management, Carpentry/Construction, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Sprinkler/Irrigation, Landscape Design, Graphic Design Copy writing/ Editing, Fence Building/Repair, Hand Crafts (knitting, felting, needle-point, crochet, embroidery), Baking/catering… WE NEED YOU!!

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to see what positions need to be filled.