New Parent and Toddler Programs


New Parent and Toddler Programs for 2017-18 – Register Today!

Parents and Older Toddlers: The Chickadee program, held by the Waldorf School of Bend, offers a nurturing classroom environment for toddler age children and their caregivers. The children will experience a calm rhythm that supports healthy play, joyful movement, imagination and cooperation.  For parents and caregivers the program provides a place to connect and find support in their parenting journey through modeling, observation, quiet discussions and sharing with one another.  Parents and caregivers will be offered enrichment materials related to child development, establishing family rhythms and culture, parenting the young child and Waldorf education through handouts and book recommendations.
This is a time of rhythm . . . A time for you and your young child to glimpse the rhythm of the Waldorf school day.  Together we will play, bake bread, share snacks and come into circle time with songs, stories and movement. The business of exploring our classroom and meeting new friends will mix with quiet moments of reading and resting with an adult in the cozy nook. During class there may be moments when parents and caregivers work quietly at hand crafts and observation while the children play alongside one another. This flow of activity and rest creates the in and out breath of our morning modeling a healthy rhythm and fostering cooperation and imagination.

“Rhythms belong to life. They manifest in every living thing. The wing beat of a bird, the crawling caterpillar, the saps rise and fall, in the human heartbeat, all express the rhythmic essence of life.”

Join us for this warm and inviting introduction to Waldorf education.

The rhythm of our morning . . .

8:45      Arrival time, coats hung up and shoes at the door
8:55     Morning Circle and hello’s
9:00     Free play
9:30     Hand washing
9:40     Bread making and snack
10:00    Free Play
10:20    Stories, Closing Circle and goodbyes

Each Parent and Older Toddler Session meets for ten consecutive weeks in fall, winter and spring. To register for any of our 2017-18 sessions, please click this link Parent Older Toddler Registration_2017-18 Final to download the registration form. Please call (541) 330-8841 for more information.

Parenting Circle for Babes in Arms and Young Toddlers: Our Parenting Circle is a caring environment to support parents in their parenting journey.  It is a place where babes in arms and toddlers can play together in a nurturing space while their parents find a moment for networking, journaling and learning about topics such as Waldorf education, self care, and other parenting topics.  Classes will include songs and games for connecting with your babies and nourishing their senses, ideas and time for journaling, Healthy snacks and tea, and wisdom from guest speakers.   Each week we will come together to create a community of support and friendship.

Our Parenting Circle program begins this fall for a seven week session. Join us! Click the link Parenting Circle Registration_Winter 2018 to download the registration form or call 541-330-8841 for more information.