For The Purpose of Giving

With your gift, you put into motion the force to make what is possible- real! You share in our vision of academic excellence through Waldorf education and what is possible for our children. The exchange of resources becomes powerful fuel both emotionally and financially and touches the lives of all who study, work, and play at our school. Dreams can be pursued, discovery finds itself in unexpected places, and social renewal becomes more attainable- all because of a gift.

At the core of our Strategic Development Plan is the commitment to building and nurturing relationships with individuals, organizations and businesses who share in our vision. The strength of our school depends on the contributions of our community. With your help, WSB will continue to grow and blossom.


We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to provide Waldorf education and witness our students transforming into powerful citizens. Your charitable tax-deductible gift will have a direct and lasting impact on our teachers and students, help us minimize tuition increases and enable WSB to thrive. Please support our efforts through:

  • Annual Fund Contributions
  • “Artworks” Mailing Campaign
  • Volunteerism
  • Support/Donate to our Annual Auction
  • WSB Scrip Program
  • Amazon Smile
  • Mighty Nest
  • Alleda Real Estate
  • Oregon Cultural Trust
  • Employee matching funds
  • Shopping at the 4 Gnomes School Store