“ArtWorks” Project 2017

Family, Friends and Waldorf Alumni,

Is there a more beautiful expression of radiant light than that of childhood?  Our children are light. Our children are play and energy. Our children are love and peace and light filled beacons of hope. Just as light dances off the clouds and mountains and streams… so do they.

By its design, Waldorf education celebrates this light within.  Each child’s unique spirit is honored, rejoiced in, and fueled by freedom. The freedom to be, to create and learn. And what fuels this freedom? Art.  Art gives our children access to their genius, to thought that does not know boundaries.


Each year we create a new ArtWorks project- a celebration of our creative spirit that serves as a means for family, friends, businesses and alumni to directly impact the lives of our students. By sharing our art, experience and Waldorf education with you, we are asking that you join us in creating a thriving, light filled school for our children.

This year’s ArtWorks project, Light Vessels, is an exploration of embracing our inner light.  What does it mean to us individually, to our children and as a community to “be the light?”  Crafted from wool and found natural objects, these light vessels take form as lanterns and sculptures radiating forth with light.  Students, Parents, Faculty and Administration all came together to create Light Vessels.   This project lays the groundwork for exploration, a shared sense of belonging and strengthening of our connections.  It also provides the means in which Waldorf education can thrive in Central Oregon.  We are all radiant beings of light.  


Your financial support enables our children’s light to shine.  By giving to the Waldorf School of Bend’s ArtWorks Light Vessel Project you help us provide the resources to keep our students’ imaginations stoked and their hearts filled with artful inspiration. In this way we are supporting the innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers of the future.  Be the light.

Join us and become a steward of our student’s achievements and of Waldorf education by making a tax deductible contribution to our “Art Works” campaign. Click on Donate now! If you would like to purchase a Light Vessel, click the Price Catalog.

The success of this campaign will ensure that we are able to provide the inspired education required to produce innovative thinkers, great problem solvers and socially conscious and powerful individuals who create their own futures.